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It’s science of possibility based on thousands of years of Vedic Research/Sadhana/ findings. It throws light on the likely unfolding of your future. Everyone should have his/her Astrological chart and predictions in place.

Astrology is an ancient science; based on which an Astrologer calculates the planetary positions of the nine Planets with respect to Earth for an Individual based on his/her Date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth; and predicts his/her course of life; peeping into the future; unfolding the future of the individual.

There are 26 alphabets in English languages likewise there are 33 elements in Astrology as below; which can be called Alphabets of the language of Astrology.

Earth is only known habitat of human being and other lives in the universe and among the celestial bodies, is considered stationary in Astrology.

The birth chart (Natal chart) is a map of your selfhood; a presentation of planetary positions at the time of birth; calculated from the 100 years ephemeris (a table of position of celestial bodies/nine planets) with respect to time of birth and the coordinates of place of birth.
Within your birth chart, planets will fall into one of the 12 zodiac signs and into one of the 12 astrological houses. Each planet has influential force and the house it falls into indicates where and how that force will impact the native’s life journey Astrologically.

The first six houses (1-6) of the zodiac are known as “personal houses” concerned with self-image, values, daily habits and ancestry. The remaining six houses (7-12) are known as “interpersonal houses” and relate to career, travel, partnerships, and the communities we build and live in, the interpersonal relationship.

Two other important terms in Astrology are – Ascendant and the Janam Rashi/Zodiac sign.
While the Ascendant / Rising Sign or the Udaya Lagna is the degree of the Rāshi (or sign) which is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of one’s birth, the Janma Rāshi, is the rāshi (or sign) in which the moon is found at the time of birth.

The Udaya Lagna /Rising sign is the very influential and important zodiac sign within the natal chart, and the characteristics of this sign to some extent; impresses upon the personality of the person. This sign is considered as the first house of the horoscope.


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